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Digiki feat. MC Cat Genius and Sarbochron - Pancaked [JAM-022]

Published June 27, 2005

The long-awaited fruits of Channing and Piccolo's own remix contest, a half-baked idea from an AIM chat between Channing and Digiki about how awesome it would be to have 100 remixes of the same song. The song in question was the just-completed 'Pancaked,' an epic-in-its-brevity rap track based on the sole demo remaining from Digiki's FireWire drive crash, restructured and intentionally mistimed and flanged by Channing, rapped on by MC Cat Genius (detailing how he was transformed into an evil mischievous pancake with supernatural powers), with a bridge reconstructed from a .wmv of local high school R&B crew A2Z, and with a closing rap by Sarbochron, aka Maude Vintage owner Sabrina Braden, lambasting A2Z for shoplifting in her store (a true story). A call for remixes ran on the Cat Jams site for nine months, and though the magic number of 100 wasn't quite reached, the 30%-as-magic number of 30 was, making the single into a double CD. Tracks came in from Japan, France, the United Kingdom, Florida, and Kansas City, and range from first-time musicians to pro-level producers and remixers, but the bulk of these are unmistakably born of Columbia's inexhaustible supply of starry-eyed youthful creativity, a pro-Como manifesto of almost 'Discover the District' proportions. Discs one and two of the double CD are black-on-both-sides CDRs with spraypaint stencils of the top and bottom of Piccolo's face (respectively), writable sides touching, in a lightly fried clear clamshell case (to look like a cat turned into an evil pancake, you know). This is inside a ziploc bag, along with a single-serving condiment for your own experiments. The tracklisting and release information is printed on an included placemat, featuring lame children's activities by Gregg Lewis, and a crayon. Also included is a floppy disc printed with Piccolo's Floyd-Steinberg-filered face, containing a numbered, extremely low-kbps mp3 of one of the unused remix tracks (an instrumental, alternate version, etc.) and a link to an otherwise unlisted directory where the rest of the Pancaked Floppy Series can be found. Numbered run of 100. This is a Cat Jams Label release.

Run time 1:57:49


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